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Job Code : ENPP2-4568-01
Job Title : Senior Executive Engineer (On contract)
Department : Plant Layout & Piping Design 2
Role Definition : Roles at this level are Team members of the project, proposals, Equipment responsible Engrs for less complex equipment. They communicate seamlessly with global entities, suppliers, sub-contractors and within the project teams. This role typically is of "execution" with minimum supervision within the area of work executed as a team member.
Key Role & Responsibility : Functional competency Responsible for specific task / area as EQR for management of all activities related to his task / area in the project. Creation of adapted solutions based on existing solutions. Prepare quality deliverable within budget, schedule and take full responsibility for the own task. Contact person with sound knowledge for specific activity / for computational methods within his area. Internal and external co-ordination with other disciplines and vendors / contractors. Leading competency Internal and external co-ordination with other disciplines, global suppliers, clients / PMC. Representation of the interest of the department to internal stake holders.
Additional Responsibility : For Team members: Number of Projects Handled: Atleast 1 project as a Team member Good collaboation and communicaiton skills For EQR roles: Atleast 1 project executed as support to the EQR with global suppliers Good team player and communicaiton skills
Education qualification & Experience : 1. Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering with 3+ years experience
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