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Job Code : END-3428-01
Job Title : Senior Document Controller
Department : Information Management
Role Definition : Roles at this level are resposible for executing all the activities related to documentation management and control
Key Role & Responsibility : Documentation Expert is reporting to Head of Department. He/She is responsible for all belongings related to project documentation management and successful execution of projects for the coordination, quality and distribution of technical document & plant data of projects. He/ She shall be responsible for, but not limited to the following: • Responsible for specific task / area as Responsible For Documentation(RFD) or Area Lead for management of all activities related to his task / area in the project. • Independent management of project-specific Documentation Management requirement up to end of project scope. • Good knowledge in Documentation Management systems and workflows. • Internal and external co-ordination with other disciplines and vendors / contractors. • Presentation and training of document management requirements to project engineers and project partners • Transfer of electronic data to customers and partners according to projects' individual specifications (by internet into client systems, MS Access databases, of excel export files • Implement execution concepts • Execute projects and procedures • Execute activities related to translation management • Execute tool development activities pertaining to DCTM, VIP and Redlining • Execute activities related to As Built documentation, Final documentation and SPIR documentation • Implement activities related to coordination and reporting of documentation Perform documentation distribution and create supplier documents
Additional Responsibility : NA
Education qualification & Experience : 1. Bachelor of Engineering with 6+ years of relevant experience or Diploma of Engineering with 11+ years of relevant experience or Bachelor of Information Science with 6+ years of relevant experience or Bachelor of Computer Application with 6+ years of relevant experience or Bachelor of Science with 11+ years of relevant experience
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