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Job Code : BSS-3240-01
Job Title : Proposal Manager - Petrochemical Plants
Department : Sales
Role Definition : Roles at this level are responsible for ensuring delivery of the assigned proposal(s) within time and quality constraints, tendering procedures and commercial/bid strategy , by coordinating all involved departments : technical disciplines , project execution, contract, estimation, finance, involved entities (e.g. LEHQ, LEDD, HC, LENA, APAC etc.)
Key Role & Responsibility : Proposal Management -Designs the process for the proposals and ensures correct application of all processes within the department -Coordinates the preparation of qualification documents , sales related documentation and publication, develops bidding strategy -Ensures the delivery of the asssigned proposal(s) within time, budget, quality constraints, tendering procedures, commercial/bid strategy set up by sales and client requirements, participate in technical and commercial evaluation with customer and resolve issues (if any) Operational -Reviews project specification requirement and meets the customer needs by providing value engineered solutions -Facilitates the handover of the project to project manager -Scouts for potential customers, gets the inquiry,does necessary sales pitches and intakes the order -Participates in end-to-end bid management Stakeholder management -Coordinates the input from all involved departments and challenge proposed solutions in order to optimise and costs and schedule -Works in close collaboration with the other departments within the BD&Sales unit -Engages with the customers during the opportunity development phase of the project and participates in technical negotiation with the clients
Additional Responsibility : Sales volume : 50 - 150 Mio USD Product portfolio : Large hydrogen plants, large SRU's with/without oxy-enrichment, Large HyCO plant, world scale ammonia plant, Gasification project with large share from LE (e.g. Rectisol, PSA, LNW etc.), Poly (PP/PE) plants with significant scope for LE, Cracker project with significant scope for LEI, Major revamp of hydrogen/Ammonia projects, Size of the projects : Large size in terms of complexity and value (approx. 100 + Mio USD) Complexity of the projects : High complexity with multi entity scope split and high risk BD & Sales skills: Ability to develop a large project with potential customer, Prepare bidding and win strategy, Prepare complex DoR with multi entities keeping competitiveness in view, analyse and mitigate risks, techno-commercial negotiation with customer(s) No. of Proposals : 1 large size project proposal, 1 medium/large proposal, Managing on independent basis without need of more supervision and guidance Sales Targets : 100 Mio USD No.of customers : Shall be able to manage the key customer/PMC for large sized proposal being managed, additionally support/guide other small proposals being managed by other Sales colleagues
Education qualification & Experience : B.E/B.Tech in Engineering Minimum 18+ years of experience with domain expertise in the sales function
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