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Job Code : GITAS-3309-02
Job Title : C++ Developer
Department : IT Application Services LEI
Role Definition : Roles at this level are individual contributors that participates in technical design, development, implementation and support of application systems for specific area
Key Role & Responsibility : Application Development -Implements full software development lifecycle(SDLC) for small to mid size IT projects or part of software development lifecycle(SDLC) for large IT projects with minimum supervision Issues management -Maintains and troubleshoots the application systems ensuring minimum downtime -Identifies and understands the Business requirements in terms of system support and functionalities for all the departments -Coordinates with the Business functions for any upgradation/ modifications required in the system or any new developments -Provides the technical assistance & coordinates with the Application users for streamlining & successful execution of different Business system processes -Manages that the service level requests(L1, L2 & L3) are handled within time and delivered Documentation -Contributes in preparing business application blueprints and reports to facilitate different business units -Creates project requests, change requests, status reports for business to review
Additional Responsibility : Output quality and schedule adherence -Coding quality (as per standard defined by Microsoft, SAP) -Project contribution -Support level and complexity
Education qualification & Experience : - B.E./ M.C.A./M.B.A (IT) with Minimum 5+ years of experience in application development OR - Diploma / B.C.A. with Minimum 7+ years of experience in application development -Minimum 1 years of experience in Software project management
Technical Knowledge : - Education as an IT expert for software development. - Experience in modern C++ is mandatory. - Experiences in designing and developing software applications in a greenfield setup are required. - Experiences with design patterns, multi-threading, re-entrance, parallelization, platform-independence, operator overloading, templates, constexpr, and error handling are required. - Experiences with the following C++ libraries and techniques are helpful: - Mathematical calculations (matrix operations, equation solvers, automatic differentiation, …) - Scientific calculations (numerical simulation, discontinuities, …) - Database access - SQL, JSON (schema), XML (schema), Proto3 - Logging - Error handling - C++ build systems (including CMake) and DevOps - Experiences in agile software development and test-driven development are desired.
Preferred SkillSet : - Team-minded - Creative - Motivated - Reliable - Independent worker
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