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Job Code : PE2-3259-01
Job Title : Project Manager
Department : PE Workshare, Local EPC
Role Definition : Roles at this level are responsible for leading, monitoring and executing medium and large sized EPC projects in a timely and cost efficient manner by effectively interfacing with engineering, procurement and construction departments within Linde. These exclusive roles are for project management function related to EPC projects
Key Role & Responsibility : 1) Execution - Provide strong and decisive project leadership and establish an execution framework to achieve the quality, schedule and profitability of the total project execution (EPC, commissioning, startup, operations as appropriate to the project scope) - Deliver in accordance with the project baseline - Meet/Exceed the as-sold profitability target established in the project baseline - Establish and define the required project organization and coordinates staffing with discipline line managers - Ensure accurate, comprehensive and timely project monitoring & reporting. - Be the face of the project to management / customers internally as well as externally. - Take proactive actions to ensure project remains on the planned schedule & within budget, including steer of the team to meet the project objectives, implementation of necessary interfaces across disciplines/functions. 2) Engagement with stakeholders - Ensure effective and timely interface management amongst various Linde entities, functional depts viz. engineering, procurement, suppliers, and construction, end customer for integration of technical content and schedule activities - Assist the site management in developing cost and schedule corrective actions/recovery plans and ensures that result in cooperation, prompt payment and stimulate the desire to award follow-on work - Develop a complete understanding of the contract and align further with project contract manager to address contractual issues and change management - Raise / Close change management topics with customer 3) Policy & Process Compliance - Ensure that organization guidelines (eg. IMS) , applicable statutory standards related to safety, technical & commercial matters are followed during entire execution cycle In general following qualifying criteria is used to identify personnel in the give role :-One should have completed independently atleast one project on EPC/EPF basis with a value in excess of 40 MUSD, or have handled a scope of atleast 40 MUSD in a larger EPC/EPF project.
Additional Responsibility : Team Size <= 100 Man-hours - 40000 to 120,000 Customizable products/solutions
Education qualification & Experience : Degree in Engineering (Mechanical, Chemical etc) - Minimum 15+ years of experience with reputed organizations engaged in EP or EPC projects
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