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Job Code : END-01
Job Title : Lead - Project Information Manager
Department : Project Information Management
Role Definition :

Lead - Project Information Manager in Document & Engineering Data Management

Key Role & Responsibility : The Project Information Manager delivers a fit-for-purpose Information Management (IM) execution strategy, concept and solutions, to ensure the timely delivery of a complete and consistent digital facility, accepted by the Client. He/ She shall be responsible for, but not limited to the following: ·         Review and analyze the Invitation to Bid (ITB) and identify relevant IM scope of work. Develop project execution strategy and concept for relevant IM scope of work. Manage the contractual and project IM requirements with all internal and external stakeholders. ·         Manage internal data interfaces, within the internal EPC application cluster, data repositories and the external data interfaces to partners and customer, as appropriate. ·         Manage the identification, specification, collection and handover of project document and data deliverables. ·         Generation and further development of the operational competence and best practice for data and documentation management considering state of the art, cost effectiveness and competitiveness. ·         Ensures adherence to IM-related guidelines, processes and workflows defined in the Integrated Management System and the regular monitoring, correction and improvement of their implementation. ·         Contribute and request “Lessons Learned” and drive continuous improvement. Bridge between the EPC project requirements and necessary IT implementation. ·         Set-up and manage project IM systems/databases. ·         Lead, introduce and manage required changes/deviations to established best practice, if necessary, in relation to required IM services, task and deliverables. ·         Working with the Construction & Commissioning team to ensure that information is received in a timely manner and is appropriately handled and returned including monitoring of the as-built process. ·         Monitor the partners’ IM team to ensure that aligned processes and procedures are in place and are used and maintained to achieve the required quality of information deliverables. ·         Prepare and support relevant management reporting through provision and maintenance of key project information records/reports ·         Take the lead for the overall integrity of all plant information (e.g. equipment numbering systems, materials, contractor, vendors, facilities, asset register).·        Manage the orderly project close-out according to the contract and deliver a complete and consistent digital facility, accepted by the Client.
Additional Responsibility : Data and Document Management System, Data warehouse, Dashboard/Reporting tools
Education qualification & Experience : Graduate / Post Graduate degree in B.E. Information Technology or other disciplines
Technical Knowledge :

Targeted Industries : Experience working in EPC consulting organization, preferably in Oil & Gas Sector
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