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Job Code : ITG-01
Job Title : License Management specialist
Department : IT General
Key Role & Responsibility :

·      Optimize software license usages & their cost and support purchasing organisations in terms of license negotiation.

·      Build-up, run and continuously improve a global license management / software asset management portfolio.

·      Assure overall IT license compliance including policies, true-up and risk management.

·      Perform strategic license management includes

·      Monitoring the business activities in terms of license situations and alternative software solutions.

·      Keep track (terms of contractual condition, counts, renewals, upgradation and invoices) of all type of licenses (Engineering / Non-Engineering).

·      Follow and identify if we have the best setup of each license.

·      Monitor license consumption and usage to ensure effective utilization of existing licenses.

·      Be in contact with internal customers to identify license demands for new projects and ensure license provision.

·      Manage the License Reporting and support ad-hoc license reports from stakeholders.

·      Consult and support global IT Management in terms of licensing, usages and reports etc.

·      In the Supplier Management area work as central           advisory and manage strategic multi-organization         agreements for IT Units. The focus is on the main           application vendor agreements ensuring optimized       output and value to business.

Additional Responsibility : MS Office, Tableau, Power BI, SSRS.
Education qualification & Experience : Engineering in any field or Degree in Business Administration with certifications in Finance and/or legal fields or Certification in Supplier management
Technical Knowledge :

·         Strong techno-commercial background.

·         Experienced in license management processes & systems.

·         Sound knowledge of software licensing/assets of major software vendors especially Engineering software.

·         Have good understanding of software licensing models, license agreements, and territories legal framework tips.

·         Precise, careful and well-structured way of working, good in documentation etc.

·         Readiness to work in different time zones in line of business obligation.

·         Ability to work with application owners ‘at a distance’.

·         Experience of working in a global virtual team environment.

·         Ability to approach problems analytically.

·         Able to use various analytical tools and reports.

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